SERVICES repairs, upgrades, and maintenance

We take care of it all.

From services and repairs to existing equipment to new installations and replacements services, Ventri's crew members are available 24/7 to assist your business. Our team members are professionally trained to inspect and repair all door system products and prioritize minimal downtime to ensure you get back up and running. 

  • 24/7 REPAIRS

    Experienced techs, a large fleet of service vehicles and our man-lifts give you the fastest service available. 


    Our techs, including electricians and CWB welders, are experienced in new installations, modifications and repairs.


    We can design new openings, custom door designs and custom electrical and control features. We can even punch an opening in a brick wall. 


    We offer turnkey modernization and installations with single-source responsibility. Our highly-skilled electricians perform all electrical work.


    Skilled inspectors use a tablet-based inspection application for professional reporting and to record a history of door inspections and repairs. We keep a copy for future service calls and reporting.


    We conduct a thorough inspection, adjustment, lubrication and provide recommendations - all documented in an electronic report.

Let's keep you up and running.